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Why Social Media is such a valuable resource

Because of the popularity of social media sites and their ability to spread the word most businesses have heavily invested in advertising on these websites. Since the number of users on social media sites have shot up over the last few years so have the amount of money of money businesses are willing to spend towards advertising these websites and so according to Long (2013):

Global social network advertising revenues are projected to double 2012 figures by 2014 – climbing from seven to 14 BILLION. This makes sense as 70% of advertisers are currently devoting at least a small portion of their budget to social networks now.

So over the next few years as long as more and more people join these social networks, the number of advertisements dotted throughout these websites will only increase.

First Draft of Project

Ronan Carr (12363236)

Mark Nallen (12318806)

Anthony Ruffley (11170339)

For our digital media project we are going to investigate how the world’s news is spread faster through social media than through traditional medias. We plan to use a blog for this topic that will show our research through images and videos. The target audience for our project are the students of CT231 and the rest of NUIG who use Twitter on a regular basis. We hope that this blog will be of great value to our fellow students as it will show which social media site spreads news the fastest.

Aims of our project:

  • We will investigate what types of news spread fastest
  • We will compare the speed of social media site Twitter to more traditional medias e.g. TV and radio.
  • We will compare different types of social network sites e.g. Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter faster than eartquakes

One example of how twitter spreads news faster than other medias can be seen when Osama Bin Laden was shot. This news spread extremely quickly over Facebook and especially Twitter. The US president, Barack Obama, was forced to announce the killing earlier than he wanted because there were so many rumours going across social media sites.